Privacy Policy

In registering for, you will be asked to provide an email address. Web traffic is monitored on in order to help us identify with our clientel, and provide feedback in regards to server performance and maintenance. This data is collected to ensure that the appearance and presentation of is in the best possible form to please our current and new members.

We retain the right to use any of the information collected from members/surfers of for any of the following reasons:

(1) to send new information and/or promotional materials about our company. Members have the option to opt-out of this list where further contact from our company will cease.

(2) to offer target display advertisemenst and offers via email. Members may opt-out.

(3) to contact members when necessary, in regards to their membership and/or satisfaction with

(4) to help diagnose any problems we have with our server or programs running on the server.

(5) to conduct reviews of (ie. traffic levels and/or traffic quality).

(6) to aid in the understanding of visitors.

(7) to protect the security and/or itegreity of

All data collected by is stored securely and will not be shared with any third parties; including but not limited to: marketing agents, partners, or affiliates. The stored data does NOT include the client's credit card data.

To provide a more customizable and personal feel to, the use of cookies will be implied that can track information about members. The cookie is stored on the surfer's computer and may contain small amounts of information that may utilize to provide a more positive experience for its members. Cookies must be enabled on your browser in order to benefit from the services of